About Us

Tangerine was developed for small business owners, not web developers. We know how important it is to stay up to date with services and products in this ever changing business world.

Tangerine gives your business website the same advantage as a larger business website but at a fraction of the cost.

Who is Turn Orange?

The Turn Orange team has been on the other side of the equation as business owners. Having been "online" since 1984 the team at Turn Orange is the culmination of decades of experience.

Turn Orange is a perfect blend of technology and top shelf creative. Our team provides you with the best creative and technical expertise to handle all of your cutting-edge interactive, technology and design projects.

Turn Orange provides solutions, innovations and idea implementation. We stay on top of the emerging technologies and trends and are able to provide our clients with a variety of solutions that are beyond the typical "cookie cutter" agency perspective. Turn Orange follows the principle that our success is built upon the success of our clients.


What makes Tangerine different

Tangerine is a self administered dymanic website.

In a static publishing system, HTML pages are pre-generated by the publishing software and stored as flat files on the web server, ready to be served.

In a dynamic site, pages are assembled "on the fly" as and when they are requested. Generating pages dynamically allows for all sorts of clever applications, from e-commerce, random quote generators to full on web applications.

Listed below are some of the more interesting blocks that Tangerine includes, installed and ready to use. Click through to explore the blocks on their own page.

Learn More

Just click on the "Contact" button above and we will help you save time and money by using Tangerine at your restaurant. If you want to see a Tangerine site we developed - just ask.

By the way - this site it runing on Tangerine! Smile